Iberian Genotype Samples
(Iron Age/Medieval Age)

Iberian Genotype Samples (Iron Age/Medieval Age)

 While Iberia had always been behind Europe and Asia in terms of genetic evolution of equine coat colors, this time period shows exactly how far behind the Iberian Peninsula was in comparison to other regions of Eurasia during the Iron/Medieval Age. While both Europe and Asia experienced the emergence of coat colors beyond the base colors of Bay, Black, and Chestnut, Iberia still showed no evidence of having horses with Tobiano, Sabino, Buckskin, or Black-Silver phenotypes. 
    During the Iron/Medieval Age on the Iberian Peninsula, very few fossils were found and not much was known about their origin. There were no fossils found with a Bay phenotype, one possibly wild black horse fossil, and two domesticated chestnut horse fossils. 
    None of the horse fossils showed any evidence of having the Overo (EDNRB), Tobiano (KIT13), Sabino (KIT16), Cream (MATP), or either variation of the Silver Gene (SILV9 and SILV11). This shows that the fossils had no variation to their base color.