Discovered treasure chest neopets prizes

Discovered treasure chest neopets prizes

Forgotten Shore Prizes. When visiting the Forgotten Shore, you can recieve: Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin; Round Maractite Coin; Discovered Treasure Chest. Description. There is nothing more exciting than a discovered treasure chest! Except maybe looking for an undiscovered one. The daily will sometimes award map pieces as prizes for helping keep the island safe. Pieces are also available Discovered Treasure Chest Prizes. When you.
Discovered treasure chest neopets prizes

Items Given by Discovered Treasure Chest

: Discovered treasure chest neopets prizes


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Discovered treasure chest neopets prizes 408

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Japanese TREASURE CHEST Discovered in the Philippines MUST SEE!

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  • Description. There is nothing more exciting than a discovered treasure chest! Except maybe looking for an undiscovered one.
  • The Forgotten Shore Daily | The Daily Neopets
  • Discovered Treasure Chest - keep, sell or open - Neopets Help - The Daily...
  • Esophagor got their homepage at
  • something from the Forgotten Shore, a Discovered Treasure Chest. The prizes are on this petpage.

I just wanted some opinions! Pirate Hissi Morphing Potion. Pirate Petpet Paint Brush. Are you sure you'd like to continue? Posted September 19, Ships often run afoul of Discovered treasure chest neopets prizes reefs, spilling their precious cargo, which later washes up on the beach.

Skeith Inspired Treasure Maps.

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