Nifty minidrive

Nifty minidrive

niftydrives is raising funds for The Nifty MiniDrive on Kickstarter! An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the. If you're going for the latter (the easier option) then you need the Nifty MiniDrive, an SD card specifically designed for MacBooks that you'll hardly ever notice. The simple, elegant solution to put more memory in your Mac. | Check out 'The Nifty MiniDrive' on Indiegogo.

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  • Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used "NIFTY MiniDrive Retina 13 Micro SD Card...
  • niftydrives is raising funds for The Nifty MiniDrive on Kickstarter! An easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly...
  • If you're going for the latter (the easier option) then you need the Nifty MiniDrive,...
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Estimated delivery Nov Support Select this reward. In the end, that's what matters, and so Nifty minidrive am very happy to have my Nifty MiniDrive. I'm assuming that this is because of how many small files were included Nifty minidrive the backup. I configured Time Machine to exclude all of my apps, repositories, system data, caches, and any other large files that don't need to be backed up.

I have not yet needed to recover a file from the ether of time yet, but backup isn't only about that. Having plenty of computer storage options available has always been important to me as an avid photographer and computer user.

Nifty minidrive -

Tweet Share Pin Email. While a normal SD card, which sticks out by about 1cm from the body of the computer when fully inserted, the MiniDrive is designed to sit completely flush with the body of the MacBook, becoming a semi permanent part of your computer. The MiniDrive in the Macbook Air. We also developed a simple way of removing the MiniDrive from the computer by hooking a paperclip through our specially designed eyelet at the front of the device.

The screenshot of Activity Monitor above was while writing a single large file.

: Nifty minidrive

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Nifty minidrive -

To achieve this we will be putting the aluminium of the MiniDrives through the same kind of rigorous anodising process that the Macbook Air and MacBook Pro go through themselves.

Now, here's another screen shot while the backup was in progress. Installing the drive was straightforward. Funding period Jul 5, - Aug 2, 28 days. The Nifty MiniDrive gives me that, and in a stylish and elegant package to boot. Share this project Done. Kickstarter is not a store.

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  1. Having plenty of computer storage options available has always been important to me as an avid photographer and computer user.

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The Nifty MiniDrive Is An SD Card Designed To Go Unnoticed In Your MacBook [Kickstarter]

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