Cosmopolitan vegas wedding

Cosmopolitan vegas wedding

THE COSMOPOLITAN. Every single couple wishes their wedding ceremony to be like no others. In order to make it real, you need to select a venue that will. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Las Vegas. This elegant venue prides themselves on giving each wedding a new twist to. The Cosmopolitan was the perfect venue for our small wedding and Rosanna Craig was an absolute gracious coordinator! Las Vegas was a destination.

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Cosmopolitan vegas wedding

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Casino Weddings-The Cosmopolitan - Picture of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings Chapel, Las Vegas


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The Cosmopolitan Balcony Wedding

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In addition to a fully-customized option, The Cosmopolitan offers Cosmopolitan vegas wedding wedding packages.

Jackie was holding my phone, my flowers, and my dress train! With stunning backdrops and gorgeous views, our Wedding Suite provides the perfect venue for a memorable wedding experience or vow renewal. I was not stressed the day of the wedding I knew she Cosmopolitan vegas wedding everything under control.

A unique, non-traditional wedding venue experience exclusive to The Cosmopolitan, the Wedding Suite affords a unique, non-traditional way to get married and is a favorite amongst many of our couples.

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  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Las Vegas....
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  • The Cosmopolitan was the perfect venue for our small wedding and Rosanna Craig was an absolute...
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  1. Cosmopolitan is on deck today, a hotel which does not have its own wedding chapel but still offers some fun, unconventional options for weddings.

  2. Unconventional and full of life, weddings at The Cosmopolitan put an original twist on the classic ceremony.

  3. With a wide selection of suites with terraces, choose the layout that best fits your wedding vision.

  4. This elegant venue prides themselves on giving each wedding a new twist to classic traditions, and will ensure your special day is as unique as your love story.

  5. No matter your vision, there's a wedding venue at The Cosmopolitan to suit your unique tastes.

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