Neopets puzzle adventure prizes for return

Neopets puzzle adventure prizes for return

Neopets Puzzle Adventure got released on November 25th, It was released for All missions will reward you with neopoints (only in-game) and experience points. It might happen that After finishing you will return to this menu again. Neopets Puzzle Adventure - PC. +. Neopets Virtual Prize Code. Total price: $ Add both to Cart Add both to List. These items are shipped from and sold by. Neopets Puzzle Adventure is a Neopets video game. Published by Capcom, the Nintendo DS the game features a Neopets license and players with a Neopets account may enter codes unlocked in the game online for "virtual prizes.

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What Happened to Neopets? What Even is Neopets?

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Neopets puzzle adventure prizes for return 24 Neopets puzzle adventure prizes for return

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Neopets puzzle adventure prizes for return


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Mystery Island Tiki Burger. Quilin Adds 50 to your Score.

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  1. Whilst the PC and Wii versions have only minor interface differences, the DS version is stripped down with less features, and a different method of gaining virtual prize codes.

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