Blue streak chocobo racing prizes

Blue streak chocobo racing prizes

Just to add a Maxed Silver Chocobo with Blue Streak (Ally KO: Power If you want to make more money from wins by which I mean betting I. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, Chocobo Racing Guide give your chocobo, the best way to win races, and the different prizes you can win. .. Marathoner is easy to get, while you have to get Blue Streak from a. Chocobo Races will give anyone who has played Final Fantasy since the PlayStation era a Collecting the hovering greens will give you a speed boost. Win the race and you'll receive the Jennet Medal as your reward.

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Final Fantasy VII - Betting on Chocobo Races

Blue streak chocobo racing prizes -

Head over to the casino's exchange counter to purchase some coins and then let the games begin. Casino Coins are also won from the minigames. Have not managed to win again, but I am getting in second or third each time I try.

Here is the list of Derby races and which class they're in. And unfortunately, Sprinting Start is essential for gaining this title, so start practicing. Increases the effect of Supersonic or Lightning Bolt. In the PlayStation 4 version, winning the race the first time earns the Chocochampion trophy.

Blue streak chocobo racing prizes

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The title pretty much says it all. ATB Charge and Kill: Keep me logged in on this device. I managed to get the Title the first race I where I had the highest odds. Finally, in the Bind phase, all players must "bind" one coin to the clock positions for each card they played in the Showdown. The Blue streak chocobo racing prizes available in higher ranks include Megalixirsrare MateriaHero Drinksand some equipment which can only be acquired via racing, like the Cat's Bell accessory.

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