Prizes to be won in shangwe mtaani winner

Prizes to be won in shangwe mtaani winner

Damaris Kariuki, who won the "Tetemesha na Safaricom" promotion in , promotion dubbed 'Shangwe Mtaani' to mark its 15th anniversary. promotions that had only one grand prize winner, we are now going to be. One of the greatest hit promo was the Shangwe Mtaani where people across the country got to win cash prizes. All these became instant millionaires, thanks to. The Promo dubbed Shangwe Mtaani will see Safaricom customers win prizes totaling to Kshs. million, which include devices, airtime and.

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Shangwe Mtaani Winners - Rift Valley Region

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However, it does not have to be that way. The primary objective of Shangwe mtaani was to see more of the Kenyan culture celebrated and regarded along the way.

Shangwe Mtaani Winners Per Region

Prizes to be won in shangwe mtaani winner -

Sylvia Moraa 7 reasons why you should attend the GreatTalks We have been seeing people winning in the Shangwe Mtaani promotion and the winners talking about what they would do with the money. The articles you choose to read help us understand what's important to you. Again, the help of experts such as stock brokers come in handy prior to make that decision.

In this case, there would be three grand winners per region entitled to equal portions of the Kshs. This competition follows the same format as the successful first ever regional based consumer promotion, Shangwe Mtaani, which was carried out last year and which saw the devolution of prizes to a regional level.

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Shangwe Mtaani Winners - North Eastern Region

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  1. Safaricom has launched 'Shangwe Mtaani', a regional consumer promotion that aims to appreciate and reward more than , customers in seven regions across the country.

  2. Safaricom has today launched its second regional consumer promotion that will for the first time see winners get additional cash to donate to a community project of their choice.

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Shangwe mtaani regional winners

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