Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten

Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten

The new adventure, Twists And Turns, has a bunch of new items as prizes, much like how Bitter Sweets had new prizes too. These are the. Twists and Turns Adventure Tutorial The prizes I got. Labels: , adventure, AJ, animal jam, cool, cute, fun, guides, new i forget, but weren't the hay bales making the outline of the maze not hay bales last year?. Twists and Turns is the second seasonal adventure accessible for Jammers and is There is a large treasure chest with prizes at the end of each of these.

: Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten

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Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten

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Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten

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Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten Dave and busters arcade prizes images

Twists and Turns

Twists and turns animal jam prizes for forgotten

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Animal jam: Prizes you can get in twist and turns!

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Secret Place + Secret Prize in Twist and Turns Adventure

Twists and turns rewards.JPG

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  1. Twists and Turns is the second seasonal adventure accessible for Jammers and is available for the month of November.

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