The simpsons tapped out whacking day snake prizes

The simpsons tapped out whacking day snake prizes

The Whacking Day Event was the fourth major event to take place in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The Player had to whack snakes, which appeared in their town, in order to get the new currency of Snakes, Prize, Snakes Needed. Whacking Day came back to our Pocket-Sized Springfields this past week for a others just couldn't hit the prize goals no matter how hard they tried and Loved The Option to Buy But Wish they Let Us Whack More Snakes. You have to complete Homer and Lisa's first 24 hour tasks and then Whacking Day begins and you can whack snakes, buy the content, ect. I have just over.

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The Simpsons Tapped Out Whacking Day Part 3 and Snake Jobs?

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The simpsons tapped out whacking day snake prizes -

The Player could also purchase the Elite Whacking License for fifty Donuts, which would allow them to whack 10 Snakes per day in friends' Springfields. Apparantly when Lisa does her task release snakes and she does it in a Springfield you are visting it subtracts that number of snakes from your account.

Okay, and well done! I'm 60 snakes short of 3, DrTyler May 14, at 5: I already tossed like 6 in yours earlier. Unlocked after collecting whacked 12,

The simpsons tapped out whacking day snake prizes -

I have over 5, snakes. I would have whacked snakes in four weeks approximate length of event. Dad, I aced gym! That means you're snakes ahead of me! Now let us never speak of this or tell anyone about it.

I really want Tatum and Miss Springfield though!

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  1. The seventeenth content update , known as the Whacking Day content update of The Simpsons:

  2. I've had a similar problem, I reached snakes and unlocked the Duff Stadium, but I cannot deploy the building or access it in any way.

  3. Whacking Day came back to our Pocket-Sized Springfields this past week for a brief time..

  4. It started on April 10, and ended on May 16, , after being extended by a week from its earlier planned end date of May 9,

  5. I was just wondering how far everyone else is with the Whacking Day prizes and how many snakes they have collected.

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