Roccat sova gaming lapboard

Roccat sova gaming lapboard

The Roccat Sova aims to bridge the gap between desk-and-chair PC gaming and living room play, with a 'lapboard' gaming device that will suit. Our verdict of the Roccat Sova: If you're looking for the absolute best way to play mouse and keyboard-based PC games on the couch, this is. Corsair having tested the waters, Roccat is now entering the lapboard market with its own Sova gaming lapboard. The Sova takes a somewhat.

Roccat sova gaming lapboard -

All in all, Roccat absolutely nails all of the design aspects on this lapboard. The only downside to the Sova is the fact that it is a wired solution, like the Lapdog. However, merely 4-key rollover is worrisome. It comes with a reasonable price for what it offers.

If I were to go out and buy one myself, I would definitely spend the extra money on the mechanical model. It's not perfect, but it's extremely close. The mouse pad surface feels great, and though hard pads are louder than their cloth alternatives, they provide excellent accuracy, which is obviously important for gaming.

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Outside of that, I have no complaints about the ease of use of the Sova. Mindkoo Unicat Cat Ear Headphones: The end of Net Neutrality has had little effect on wireless carriers. They are also very durable and are easy to clean which is obviously a huge plus for a living room device. Read More where speed is less important than precision.

The size is just right, as is the weight and how it's distributed. It Roccat sova gaming lapboard a stylish, large logo on the mouse pad, and the word Roccat and a smaller Roccat sova gaming lapboard on the wrist support area.

Roccat sova gaming lapboard

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Roccat sova gaming lapboard

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  1. Have you ever tried to play a game with a mouse and keyboard while sitting on the couch?

  2. Two years ago, I reviewed Corsair's Lapdog , the company's first take on a keyboard-and-mouse lapboard for couch gaming.

  3. PC gaming in the living room, from the comfort of a couch, and on a big screen has so far been dominated by the game controller.

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