Fantage valentines prizes 2018

Fantage valentines prizes 2018

Today, June 26th , I have literally been playing Fantage for exactly half my life. You could say it's been a 13th – Valentines Day Event. There aren't that many differences from previous prom events on Fantage. .. get prizes but, most of these items are from previous Valentine's Day events so. Part 2 of Valentine's Day Event is now released! their prize(s) but there won't be anymore stamp collecting - no more prize chance:(Printable. Fantage valentines prizes 2018

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Fantage valentines prizes 2018 -

And your team must collect stamps by searching for them around Fantage! The exception is the option to buy a flower board with the color used for the player's opposite gender. I was able to complete some of the members answers for treasure hunter using a donated account. The event will end on Dec 30th.

Its like she came to replace loutusrainx0xo haha xD. February 5th, - February 18th, Chocolate Factory.

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When TNS came out I bought all those items that I was so in awe of and in the end they Fantage valentines prizes 2018 not make me happy. We can gift people items! It costs gold for 5 fishing nets. Notify me of new posts via email.

It should be fixed for everyone. The info sign says it all, but it also mentions a Part 2, like all other V-Day events.

Valentine’s Day Event | Part 2

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  1. Fantage has made an event where you can search around for ingredients, and then turn them into chocolates.

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