Cosmic break uc garapon prizes

Cosmic break uc garapon prizes

Effective Release Date: Cost: Prize List; Legend This Garapon is a combination of both the UC Garapon 1 & UC Garapon 2. Unlike the other Garapon machines, the UC-Gara costs UC to spin The UC Garapon's blue prizes are also individual tune-up materials. Total: UC. Arcantus (Rewards). Edit · Classic editor · History Treasure, Reward (UC), Minimum Rank Required. 1, Sword Premium Delight Garapon · • 1 day Grade 3 Core Tune Parts Cosmic Break Wiki · 5 Things to.

Arcantus (Rewards)

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Jikun Long-chan Ion-chan R. Garapon From CosmicBreak Wiki. Gravity Gun Stardust Cannon. Page 1 of 1. But rather, you have the ability to get up to that prize level.

Cosmic break uc garapon prizes

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Cosmic break uc garapon prizes -

B Maril March Trill. Views Page Discussion View source History. The prize list is far to long for me to say it all here, but here's some notable stuff: But do it at your own risk!!!!

I'm pretty sure that this best prize limit also applies to 5 roll spins. Enjoy your stay and don't get into trouble.

Limited UC Garapon

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  1. Below you will find all possible prizes for garapon, as well as the stats of all bots in each Garapon's in-depth section.

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